master Sivananda Yoga

The school of jugglers “Wow” and the club “Wild Planet” are:


“Friends, I’m returning from a six-month trip to India, I’m right off the plane and I’m ENERGY! I’m ready to share knowledge and charge you for spring and summer, hug those who are bored and kiss everyone! And therefore I invite you to the series master classes. :) “



April 30 – YOGA DAY

Read the details below. :)

*** April 29 – JONGLING DAY

12:30 – warm-up 13:00 – classic juggling for beginners (learning to throw 3 balls) 14:00 – classic juggling for pros (juggling in dynamics, throwing) 15:00 – contact juggling for everyone 16:00 – jam! Games, tricks and cool stuff.

How to understand whether you are a pro or a beginner? You still don’t know how to juggle or do it unstable – you are a beginner. You can tricks, you can juggle in the dynamics – consider that you are a pro!

*** April 30 – YOGA DAY

13:00 – philosophy and practice of yoga; 14:00 – hatha yoga for beginners; 15:30 – hatha yoga for those who continue; 17:30 – tea!

In the first lesson, you will talk about the right approach to practice, practice breathing and becoming aware of yourself. It is recommended both for beginners, and for continuing. Those who want to get enough of prana to the fullest, come to all three classes. :)

Hatha Yoga for beginners – we’ll give a good thought, we will analyze Surya Namaskar and simple asanas in detail.

Hatha yoga for continuing (more than six months of regular classes) – Surya Namaskar in dynamics, 6 cycles of asanas, work with breathing.

We will end with a tea party and a conversation about yoga and its practice in your life.

Yogis, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes and grab a mat, if you have one. -)

*** Participation in classes costs as much as you yourself would pay for holding such a master class, – donation.

Any questions? Email me: zap @