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Lesson 1 (free)

Watch online video lesson

Lesson duration: 58 min. Additional equipment: yoga mat, brick, plaid.

This is the first video lesson of the course “Women’s Yoga”, when viewed which you will get acquainted with this interesting direction.

In the lesson, fundamental techniques and basic asanas will be disassembled, which will become a reliable foundation for mastering all the intricacies of female yoga. The presented online video is indispensable for viewing, since without knowledge and understanding of the fundamental exercises it is impossible to move on.

Moreover, we strongly recommend repeating the asanas until sure, and then proceed to the next classes (video).

Please note: the asanas and techniques presented in this video tutorial online on female yoga at are suitable for everyday practice, especially for beginners.

Lesson 2 (free)

Lesson duration: 54 minutes Additional equipment: yoga mat, brick, plaid

The second online video lesson of the Women’s Yoga course at continues to acquaint you with the basic exercises and basic techniques of this practice.

Also in the new lesson you will learn:

• Exercises for the cervical spine –

• Exercises for working with the cervical muscles-

• Exercises for deep study of all layers of the muscles that strengthen the pelvic floor.

When you follow the recommendations from this video tutorial online on female yoga, you will learn how to properly relax and contract muscles. Particular emphasis will be placed on the pelvic floor muscles, which play a crucial role in the health of women of any age.

The ability to manage them is one of the foundations of health, beauty and femininity.

Lesson 3 (free)

Lesson duration: 56 min. Additional equipment: yoga mat

The third lesson from the Women’s Yoga course, as always, we focus on working with the reproductive system.

We make techniques that tone the ovaries. We remove tension from the back, relax and stretch the muscles of the back.

IMPORTANT!!! Practice recommended …