Activities for beginners

Rare moments of peace and silence – every mother knows the price of a child’s sound daytime sleep. What to do while the baby is sleeping? Sleeping on your own or doing household chores are worthy options, but today Julia will tell you about how you can pamper yourself and how to do something pleasant and useful in these precious moments.

Restore strength Having engaged in your favorite business, you can relax and cheer yourself up. You can just read, listen to music on headphones, cook something tasty, drink tea. If there is little strength, you can resort to the help of relaxation. For example, in 15 minutes you can make muscle relaxation: it is enough to alternately strain all the main muscles of the body, then relax them. In this case, you need to move from top to bottom (face, arms, shoulders, stomach, legs).

Also, breathing exercises help to quickly restore strength. Inhale through the right nostril, hold the right nostril, hold your breath for 5 seconds, exhale through the left nostril. Repeat changing nostrils. This can be done 2-3 times.

Do fitness and beauty

15-30 minutes can be devoted to yoga or fitness. And the body will be in good shape, and the mood at altitude. If you are bored of studying at your own expense, you can find videos on YouTube or other sites. It is also convenient to engage in fitness applications on a smartphone. Of the free ones, I can single out Nike + Training club – there you can create an individual program for yourself for a month or choose short 15-minute workouts for different muscle groups. Also worthy are Workout trainer, Pocket Yoga.

While the baby is sleeping, you can do a couple of beauty treatments: a face or hand mask, gymnastics for the face, manicure. You can also have time to do a light make-up or hairstyle – to cheer yourself up and your husband.

In the absence of time to buy clothes or beautiful things for the home, you can order them through online stores. A little trick is to set a timer, counting the time for searching online stores, and make a shopping list. It’s better not to buy right away, impulsively, but by placing the goods you like in the basket and choosing only what is needed at the end.