15 minute video presented


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“Now it’s time for us to become fruits. This is the time of Flowering. I think that in the next century wonderful people will surround us, we will not be bothered by war, everything will be very peaceful, we will remain in the Kingdom of God.”

We bring to your attention some fragments of a documentary film about Shri Mataji:

Freedom and Liberation, Part 1

Video length: 10:01 min. File size: 20.5 Mb Resolution: 320 * 240

“I want to be as small as a speck of dust … which is fragrant, nourishing, enlightening.”

“Freedom and Liberation”, part 2

Clip length: 14:41 min File size: 30.0 Mb Resolution: 320 * 240

Beginning of Sahaja Yoga

Freedom and Liberation, Part 3

Video length: 10:03 min. File size: 20.6 Mb Resolution: 320 * 240

The search for freedom and liberation

Freedom and Liberation, Part 4

Video length: 07:17 min. File size: 15.0 Mb Resolution: 320 * 240

“There is no need to knock bells; they must be inside you.”