10 best asanas for daily

The new book by Natalia Pravdina “Yoga for Beginners” is a real event for millions of her devoted readers. Natalia is the creator of a unique system of positive transformation of consciousness, the most famous master of ancient Chinese feng shui teachings in Russia, the author of more than thirty books published in millions of copies, shares with readers her love of yoga, this amazing system of the harmonious development of soul and body.

Yoga classes bring joy, benefits and health to people for many, many centuries, and even millennia. Yoga is a truly universal system, for all times, suitable for any person, because it is multifaceted. Yoga can be practiced in solitude and in a group, alone and with a partner, in the fresh air, in a large room and in a small room. Yoga is universal, and this is wonderful!

And it is not at all necessary for this to become some kind of “special”, secretly ordained a hermit, a sage or a wizard. But to become a more harmonious, balanced and cheerful person, yoga will certainly help anyone who wants to do it.

And for those who dream not only of health, but also of a beautiful, young, fit figure – and at the same time for some reason cannot or do not want to engage in intense sports that require heavy workloads – a new direction is ancient, but forever young yoga – fitness yoga.