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Yoga is one of the most ancient practices for maintaining excellent physical shape and restoring the general tone of the body. According to a number of archaeological sites, yoga originated in the mysterious Atlantis. There are legends about the beneficial effects of yoga. Millions of people are currently practicing it. Training includes breathing exercises, physical activity, as well as meditation, elements of psychology and esoterics. Yoga helps to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, fills a person with new powers and helps to think positively.

In yoga, there are several heterogeneous currents, each of which has a certain orientation. Kundalini Yoga is suitable for those who want to relax and get rid of anxiety. Hatha Yoga helps to improve health and well-being. Taoist yoga is necessary for those who want to be liberated and release latent sexual energy, arouse feelings. An important point in training is self-control and the ability to concentrate, free oneself from heavy thoughts.

Yoga classes in Minsk are organized in a number of health centers, fitness clubs. Experienced trainers will help beginners learn yoga. In our catalog you will find addresses, phone numbers and other necessary information.