yoga for lumbar

On this page you can watch the video “Yoga therapy for beginners.” 15 minutes of yoga therapy per day will restore your health WITHOUT PILLS AND DOCTORS!

As we have already said, the basis for the treatment of osteochondrosis is the restoration of the normal state of the muscular corset and ligamentous apparatus of the back, as well as the normalization of metabolic processes. All this is quite achievable with the help of therapeutic exercises and diets. But yoga has a similar effect for the spine in osteochondrosis. It should be noted that the exercises offered in this case are ideal for eliminating such diseases, primarily due to the absence of sharp loads dangerous in this situation, as well as the activation of muscle tissue, which improves the nutrition of affected areas.

Yoga exercises for osteochondrosis make it possible:

strengthen the muscles of the back and improve its mobility, which helps prevent relapses and the progression of the disease – improve blood supply, thereby improving nutrition of the affected area – reducing tension between the vertebrae – increasing the elasticity of tendons and ligaments – correcting the spine itself and improving the condition of the muscles supporting it.

Thus, yoga classes for osteochondrosis can solve most of the problems that in the usual case have to be eliminated with drugs. And drugs in general have the unpleasant property of treating one and breaking another, so it’s a very good idea to do without them.

It should be noted that yoga generally approaches a person systemically, due to which there is a healing of the whole organism. Even if a person, for example, used yoga for cervical osteochondrosis, this does not mean that only the neck will feel better. In fact, the whole body will feel the beneficial effect of classes, while the influence of stresses will decrease, resistance to various diseases will increase., Mood will improve, etc.

Is yoga available to everyone?

In principle, you can do yoga at any age. The specificity of exercises in this case is such that there are practically no age restrictions. As we already said, yoga can be used for osteochondrosis (you can watch the video below). True, there are some limitations, but they are general. For example, you can’t start active classes in the acute period of the disease, at this moment the spine needs peace, even minimal loads are harmful to it.