Most people have the opinion that yoga is very difficult and difficult, only physically very strong young people can engage in such practices. In fact this is not true. Yoga for the elderly gradually forms strength and endurance, and beginners doing yoga, as a rule, are completely ordinary people with their illnesses, weaknesses and weaknesses.

Yoga classes are shown to older people, as they allow the elderly to maintain flexibility and mobility of joints, a strong spine and elastic muscles, as well as a clean mind and a bright mind. A set of exercises for elderly people should be selected taking into account their age-related changes and not include some especially difficult to perform asanas.

Yoga recommends devoting the age after fifty years to spiritual practices aimed at self-knowledge. In the period from 50 to 60 years, the activity of energies in the human body decreases sharply and withering occurs. Yoga classes not only restore energy, but also give a sense of demand, refresh memory, strengthen health and restore youth, including spiritual.

The main problems of old age are bone fragility (osteoporosis), tightness of joints and the entire spine, which causes limited mobility, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, often accompanied by impaired memory, high blood pressure, varicose veins.

The complex of asanas helps to cope with all these diseases, restoring health and good spirits. In addition, for older people, especially single and unemployed, communication helps to survive this period of their life easier.

Asanas complex for the elderly

Before starting classes, you need to consult your doctor and find out which exercises can be fully resolved, which partially and what is risky to perform. Given the specifics of age-related changes, the choice of a teacher should be taken very carefully, the ideal option is a teacher of the same age as his students. Performing asanas, be extremely attentive to your feelings, the slightest discomfort is an occasion to beware and stop the load.