Kundalini, hatha, classes for beginners – only on “LIVE!” There are several types of yoga. And how many of them exist besides this! How to find your direction – experienced instructors advise.

When choosing a type of yoga, consider two things: you should like classes and bring you closer to your goal.

So what do you expect from class?

Kinds of yoga for a good figure

Regular ones will help to improve your figure and strengthen your muscles no worse than exercises in the gym.

If you like traffic. Then for classes it is worth choosing dynamic yoga, for example, ashtanga-vinyasa, the main feature of which is a quick change of asanas.

Another option is kriya yoga, where a certain period of time is allotted for the performance of each pose. In general, the practice is quite energetic. And due to this, these types of yoga allow you to lose weight well.

If you like classes at a leisurely pace, choose static types of yoga: classical hatha and Iyengar yoga, which require a calm and thoughtful performance of asanas. Such lessons give a tangible load on the muscles, which is quite comparable to strength training, and therefore not badly strengthen the muscles.

“Don’t forget that,” says Inna Vidgof, instructor, “LIVE!” on yoga. – Therefore, the lesson can be held very gently, with an emphasis on relaxation, and hard – in ashtanga style. Much depends on the instructor. Watch how he conducts classes, and you will understand whether they are suitable for you. “

The same effect can be achieved by visiting relatively new areas: yoga 23 (the consistent implementation of poses from hatha and oriental martial arts) and the practice of critical alignment (these exercises are aimed at strengthening the deep layers of the muscles).

Types of Yoga for a Good Mood

If you want to relax. Of course, you can relieve stress in intensive training. But if you want something calmer, go to classes that look like a simple dream from the side: while in shavasana, students follow their teacher’s instructions and monitor their breathing and sensations, directing attention to certain parts of the body.

“Nidra gives us the opportunity to discover the yoga of dreams (swara yoga, visualization yoga) and (breathing exercise system). All this helps to overcome stress and control the emotional background, ”commented Basim Al-Jevahiri, a yoga teacher at Sarasvati Place Yoga Center.