Yoga classes at home

Lesson 1 (free)

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Lesson duration: 58 min; Optional equipment: yoga mat, water bottle

In the first lesson, we get acquainted with the basic principles of performing yoga therapy exercises.

We learn to work safely with our bodies. Gradually warming up all the muscles, ligaments, joints, we work through the whole body.

We focus on the correct position in various poses and the correct implementation of exercises.

After all, this is the key to successful practice in the future!

Lesson 2 (free)

Lesson duration: 56 min. Additional equipment:

In the second lesson of yoga therapy, we are engaged in the development of the simple elements of sukshma-vyayama – articular gymnastics, which has a soft but powerful healing effect on the whole body.

Small, large joints of the body, ligaments, muscles and tendons are being studied.

And, as a result, the mobility of the joints and the functioning of the whole body as a whole improves!

Lesson 3 (free)

Lesson duration: 1 hour 08 min. Additional equipment: yoga mat, water bottle

In this lesson, we look at basic breathing techniques.

Next, we perform some exercises in a sitting position to prepare the whole body for the main work.

We learn to perform the therapeutic version of the yoga complex greeting the sun – and also, we will work on the shoulder girdle, make tilts in the standing and sitting position, and therapeutic twisting in the supine position.

Yoga therapy video tutorials will help your body feel comfortable!

Lesson 4 (free)