Many people know that yoga classes are very useful. But after all, with the help of yoga, you can also perfectly tighten your body and acquire a slim figure. There are special techniques for women, one of them is described in her book by Tatyana Borodaenko. Details in this article.

It is immediately worth noting that yoga classes can work wonders: they improve health, tighten the figure, give harmony, and help to cope with stress. But for many, the activities seem too complicated. For such, Tatyana Borodaenko suggested “Yoga for Women.”

This is a video course where classes are presented and described in detail and clearly. Moreover, even beginners who are not familiar with yoga at all, and whose body is not prepared for such exercises, can begin to master the basics.

So, in general, the yoga course set forth by Tatyana Borodaenko consists of 40 lessons. Each of them lasts about half an hour. Classes are divided into 3 courses: a course for beginners, which includes 20 classes, a course for advanced, consisting of 10 classes and an anti-stress course, which includes 10 classes.

Read more about each course. The first course for beginners is adapted for women who have never practiced yoga. But at the same time, it takes into account all the features of the female body, the emphasis is on appearance, figure, flexibility. The second course is yoga for advanced women.

Asanas (these are the provisions in the classroom) here are more complex, requiring some preparation. A course has been created for active women who want to stay fit. And the last course is Antistres. It will help relieve nervous tension, improve the emotional state, and help to cope with a stressful situation.

So those who want to be healthy and beautiful are simply obliged to study a yoga course for women. It will help to make the body beautiful without great physical exertion and give harmony and excellent mood.