Do you want to have a slim, fit body and significantly improve your health?

“YOGA AT HOME” is an individual set of exercises designed especially for you by experienced instructors!

“YOGA AT HOME” – our program takes into account all your features: age, state of health, level of physical fitness and desired results!

“YOGA HOME” – the implementation of an individual complex will allow you to quickly get rid of many health problems and keep your body in good shape!


TOTAL FOR 990 RUBLES You will receive an individual set of exercises and the advice of an experienced instructor! ORDER!

If you have long wanted to start practicing, but don’t know how to properly build your practice, you just need to fill out a questionnaire in which you indicate your characteristics, and, based on these data, you will receive an individual complex of yoga asanas with a detailed description of how to perform them at home, plus recommendations from our experts.

How it works?

Very simple! You need to complete only two steps:

Payment (Yandex-money) Filling out the questionnaire – your detailed answers will help our instructors draw up a course that suits you!

Why do exercises need to be selected individually?

Each person has certain physical abilities, different ages, physique, for many 15 minutes are enough for some, and at least an hour for some, and if you need a certain result, it’s best to create an individual complex, depending on your goals and tasks. order>

How to start doing yoga at home? Watch the video!

Individual complex includes:

10 specially selected exercises with a detailed description and illustrations!

The complex is provided in the form of text with a detailed description of each exercise and illustrations.

to order!

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