Many expectant mothers think about the benefits of yoga for pregnant women, but not everyone decides to go for it. I will try to answer the questions most often asked by pregnant women. Perhaps the answers to them will help you.

How can yoga help during pregnancy?

Yoga for pregnant women is specifically designed for women at any stage of pregnancy (about the features of practice during the 1st trimester – see the answer to the following question). She helps expectant mothers cope with possible physical discomfort (swelling, pain in the back or sacrum, etc.). Also, yoga classes help women cope with mood swings and bursts of emotions, allow you to feel harmony with yourself and feel full of strength and energy. At the same time, the body and consciousness are gently preparing for childbirth. There are many breathing techniques in yoga. Some of the techniques are specially designed for pregnant women, because they help to relax, deepen breathing (since mother’s breathing is nutrition for the baby), feel in balance and harmony, and allow you to control your emotions. Techniques mastered by women during pregnancy will help them during childbirth: a woman in labor will be able to relax and thus help herself and her baby to go through this wonderful experience gently and easily. Yoga also helps to establish a connection between mother and child, which is an important point for the further full development of the baby.