Kundalini Yoga Before

√ Relax, strengthen and relieve pain tension! √

Great for home or office, this application offers yoga and stretching sessions from different sites and positions suitable for yoga practitioners of any level!

Those looking for physiotherapy treatments or warm up stretching exercises. This user-friendly application contains 70 yoga videos, covering everything from warm-up to extended standing, balance and relaxation. Using this program offers a great massage feeling.

This application offers 70 yoga videos covering many levels, positions and difficulties. Its great for physio, rehabilitation, seniors, men, women. Practitioners of hot, jivamukti and kundalini yoga will resonate with these yoga instructions. If you are looking for a yoga program to supplement your biologically active or acupuncture sessions, we recommend that you discover all that this application has to offer.

Our Yoga, Stretching and Pilates APP

1 . 70 professionally designed training yoga, Pilates and stretching videos2. Several levels sits, beginner standing, standing in between and standing advanced3. An easy to follow video will show you step by step how to practice these exercises4.Add all or some of these great positions and practices to your routine5. Increase your balance and help stretch after long hours in the office or using your computer6. Yoga videos demonstrate many positions for well-being7. Free Yoga Guide!

This application provides fun and useful information through our videos and a free guide for anyone interested in starting or continuing their journey into the realm of yoga and stress recovery workout. If you need a low exposure, holistic and relaxing yoga routine, try this app.