And yet I know

“To reach the goal, you must first go” O. de Balzac.

Meeting yoga – is it luck or fate? I can say one thing – yoga really changes life, and it changes it for the better, and teaching yoga … probably the most accurate definition is a miracle. No more, no less.

Now I can no longer remember the time when I lived without yoga. I remember – it was, but it was a very long time ago, and there remains only the feeling that I was always familiar with yoga. Indeed, from the age of 17 I began to be interested in yoga, went to different yoga centers, tried to do yoga at home. Frankly, at home – it did not work. There wasn’t the most important thing in yoga – the state of bhava, inner harmony, when a wave of joy picks you up and brings you exercise and you want to continue doing it, when each lesson makes you cleaner, better, stronger … I started doing yoga in several centers, then they broke up, and for a long time I stopped practicing yoga. Then I was lucky – I found very good yoga courses 5 minutes from home, and practiced regularly for almost a year – and the most important thing happened, without which yoga is impossible – yoga has become a habit. I’m just starting to understand how much this means. I was lucky that I could no longer have yoga, I was physically lacking, and therefore, when the courses near the house closed, I started looking for a yoga center that would be on my gray metro line (and, as you know, Yoga courses now in Moscow – the sea). And here I was unbelievably lucky for the second time – I found Vadim Zaporozhtsev’s Enlightenment Center via the Internet – and after a few classes I realized that this is what I dreamed about. Here was real yoga – not only physical exercises, but also the spirit of ancient teachings, its philosophy. I am sincerely convinced that the Anandaswami tradition yoga school is a very strong yoga school that allows you to achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself – if it is your will and your dharma.

So, I was very lucky, and I started doing yoga in the cultural center “Enlightenment”. Everything was excitingly interesting – classes, lectures by Vadim, yoga seminars … I felt that hatha yoga classes here allow me to relieve stress, recover from work, keep myself in good physical shape, and lectures and seminars allow me to answer existential questions that worried me all my life.