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14 brain stimulants that work better than coffee

1. jump

Irum Tahir, founder of High Point Chiropractic Wellness, thinks jumping is extremely useful and does it every day. Such exercises increase mental clarity, activate the lymphatic system, which, in turn, helps to eliminate toxins, improve posture, increase the level of endorphins. For the cardiovascular system, jumping is the most gentle way to burn the same number of calories as on a treadmill. Irum jumps every morning for 10 minutes. He uses this time to energize for the whole day, and shouts at the same time, “I am strong!”, “I am happy!”, “I am successful!”, “I am healthy!”

2. Do a good deed

Kim Cope, co-founder of ZinePak, believes he has found a unique way to recharge. He gives out 15 minutes. afternoon in the afternoon to help people. He is trying to do something useful, not related to work. It can be anything, for example, to bring someone’s bags or open the door. Sometimes he asks his colleagues and friends via e-mail if anyone needs help. Having done a good deed, he feels immediate satisfaction and amuses himself with the thought that this will be counted towards him in the global exchange of karma.

3. Use meditation

The morning ritual of Guillaume Gutro, the founder of Sequoia Lab, prefers to spend 20 minutes. His time for contemplation. The ideal time for meditation is early in the morning before you turn on your gadgets. It is important that the time of day and the place for meditation are, whenever possible, always the same. You can start with five minutes, and then increase the period during which you concentrate the brain. Less than 20 min It is not recommended to engage, since the brain does not have time to sufficiently restore its resources. The benefits of meditation are: reducing anxiety, reducing the time needed to sleep, improving concentration, and more. Entrepreneurs are advised to use a special application, for example, HeadSpace.

4. Stand on your head

Anne Wootton and Bailey Smith, co-founders of Popup Archive, stand on their heads or hands during the day – this helps them both solve problems and just cheer up. They find a place in the office where no one will bother them, and stand upside down. This is a wonderful reminder of what our body is capable of when the head is constantly busy with work. The inversions, as these exercises are called in yoga, are excellent because they are fun, fast and beneficial for the body and actually activate the brain.