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As a rule, hatha yoga is recommended for beginners, since, on the one hand, it includes full-fledged work on the whole body, and on the other hand, it does not require deepening into the religious aspect. Hatha yoga classes primarily change the inner world of a person: a deeper sensation of the body allows you to better control thoughts.

Salutation to the Sun (Surya Namaskara)

Hatha yoga class may include elements of various directions – depending on the teacher. A good sequence of asanas for a start can be the classic “Salutation to the Sun.”

This complex perfectly prepares the body for other asanas, so classes often begin with it. But if you are limited in time, you can perform it separately, for example, in the morning as a charge. Of course, 15 minutes is not enough for a full practice even for beginners. But something is better than nothing.

Complexes for beginners usually include asanas that affect the whole body. They are delayed in each position for a short time (less than a minute). Over time, if you feel the need for deeper practice, it makes sense to increase the delay in individual asanas. But this is more the case with Iyengar’s static yoga.

Tips for doing asanas

Do not neglect the warm-up: warming up the body contributes to a safe and at the same time deeper practice. Avoid sudden movements. The only thing that requires tension in yoga is attention control. Avoid pain! Breathe deeply and calmly: stretch your spine with an inhalation, relax with an exhalation and deepen asana. Pay special attention to your back: it should not break in an attempt, for example, to reach out to stop. If stretching does not allow, do not immediately strive to achieve an ideal position: regular practice will help to deepen the asana over time.

There are, of course, contraindications for doing hatha yoga. The only way you can not harm yourself is to listen carefully to your own feelings. In any case, yoga does not set the goal of twisting each letter “si”. Do not look at others, concentrate on your feelings and enjoy the practice.