Yoga is a deep self-knowledge of the capabilities of the body and liberation from mental experiences. Those who have not tried yoga, lose their peace of mind and natural harmony. Even skeptics after performing asanas – the so-called yoga poses – are recognized in the marvelous effect of simple exercises on the general condition of the body. The practice of hatha yoga for beginners is useful at any age with any body complexion and for any gender. Do not hesitate, take 15 minutes and try to do some asanas. We are sure that they will change your attitude not only to yourself, but also to the world. We have made a selection of video lessons “Yoga for beginners at home” specifically for you!

Home Yoga for Beginners: Tips and Introductory Exercises

The main difference between yoga and other methods of losing weight and sports is that there are no winners. You are engaged exclusively for yourself, without measuring your waist and showing off your muscles. There is no trainer who stands above you and makes you sweat and blush with 5-pound dumbbells. Yoga is not a competition.