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Having a healthy body is the dream of every conscious person. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary not only to play sports, attend training and eat right, but also undergo additional procedures.

In order to restore a weakened immunity, strengthen the body and make it resistant to any illnesses, it is necessary not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, to ensure a nutritious diet and healthy sleep, but also to regularly conduct appropriate strengthening procedures.

If you want your body to always be in great shape, go to the tennis court or together with friends buy tennis tables and regularly play this wonderful game.

Before buying a bike, we pay attention to the size of its frame, the material from which it was made, the type of attachments and even tires, because each element must certainly correspond to the chosen riding style and your preferences.

When your baby was just born, its protective functions are so weak that any external extreme influences can negatively affect its health.

Fitness is the best way to lose weight and bring your physical fitness into line with your standards. But which way is still better in order to achieve the desired results?

The book from a materialistic point of view sets out the ancient Indian teaching of Hatha Yoga. An original and effective approach to the prevention of a number of diseases through regular exercise in this system is proposed. Great attention is paid to personal hygiene, the development of internal culture, diet, and the respiratory system. The personal experience of the authors and the experience of teaching Hatha Yoga in India and other countries are used. The therapeutic effects and contraindications are described.

The book simply, thoroughly and completely describes the Tibetan Rituals of Rejuvenation, supplemented by the author’s considerations regarding the Sixth Ritual and additions regarding breathing, meditation and working with Kundalini. These exercises are of immeasurable potential value for those who could devote at least ten minutes of daily practice to them. . If you feel at least some interest in the methods described here – do it. In order to begin, you do not need a guru, no ashram, or anything else. Read the instructions carefully one after another and make these techniques a part of your life. Their activities breathe life into you and enlighten you.

Book of the Honored Trainer of the Russian Federation A.I. Polunin, professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences, is addressed to those who have already decided to put physical activity and sports and fitness running at the service of their health, as well as to those who have not yet come to the conviction to begin a healthy lifestyle, but are in thought on this topic .