Andrey Sidersky – Hatha Yoga video Author (director): Andrey Sidersky Title: Hatha yoga “Kiev Sport Club” (1-12 lessons) Release year: 2004 Genre: Hatha – Yoga Video quality: DVDRip

Description of all the discs of Andrey Sidersky – Hatha yoga video “Kiev Sport Club” KSK (1-12 lessons): KIEV SPORTS CLUB / HATHA YOGA / ANDREI SIDERSKY / classes 1-12

Kiev Sports Club is a fitness center, known in the CIS as an enterprise that has gathered under its roof a team of the best professionals – coaches and instructors in various areas of modern fitness culture.

Video materials of the series “KIEV SPORT CLUB / HATHA YOGA / ANDREI SIDERSKY / classes” – reportage videos of classes conducted by Andrey Sidersky in the Kiev Sports Club hall, initiated by the administration of the Kiev Sports Club.

Asana, pranayama, the basics of meditation practices – day after day, with the full preservation of the original text. Thorough display and detailed explanations.

“Information excursions” to the “general provisions”, “theory” and “history” of physical culture and psychotechnical training techniques of hatha yoga.

As usual, the yoga and physical exercises offered by Andrei Sidersky are maximally adapted for use in modern society, but at the same time they fully retain the effectiveness of “honest adult hatha yoga.”

In terms of difficulty, the classes conducted by Andrey Sidersky in the Kiev Sports Club hall are oriented primarily to beginners. However, in terms of density and value of information, the new series of video materials is a truly unique find for both beginners and experienced practitioners, as well as (and in particular) for professional teachers.

Experience in the modern fitness system, thorough knowledge of the technical base of Hatha Yoga and many years of experience in “working on the mistakes” made during the implementation of Hatha Yoga in the USSR, the CIS and the West allowed Andrei Sidersky to formulate and offer students and teachers the optimal approach – both for independent individual home practice, and for use in the programs of fitness centers and elite sports clubs.