Introductory cycle. Old video

Andrey Sidersky

Practice Type: Hatha Yoga Lecturer: Andrey Sidersky Video Language: Russian Duration: 81 min Level: Beginners, Practitioners Special: Training


Old records of the year 2002. Use extreme caution when using this video. It was shot before the formation of the YOGA23 system, respectively, it may contain not quite optimal exercises and series of exercises.

A harmonious complex of the simplest respiratory and physical exercises of yoga gymnastics. An ideal technique for a correct and safe entry into practice. It has no contraindications; it is the best balanced variant of practice of a general therapeutic orientation. For all its utmost simplicity and accessibility, the complex of introductory cycle techniques has a therapeutic, training and psycho-regulatory effect, characteristic of the full practice of complex yoga training techniques. The best choice for those who would like to use yoga gymnastics for general or targeted therapy and for keeping fit, but do not intend to delve into the jungle of serious practice.

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