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Starting this article, I would like first of all to avoid the “subtle” aspects of this phenomenon. For more than two hundred years (when the media became widespread in magic), articles such as: “Vegetarianism cleans the energy channels”, “Healthy eating opens the connection with the higher world” or “Developed muscles and stretching allow for large volumes to be printed and printed energy. ” On the one hand, in all these articles there is a grain of truth, and on the other, they operate on the very abstract concepts of “energy”, “karma” and “larva”.

Among all those who have embarked on the path of the art of the wise, people who really strive for spiritual goals are ones. This does not mean that they are better than everyone else. Just few people are attracted by such sparse castles in the air. More often you will see more prosaic motives:

health problemsfinancial problemscrisis self-determinationcompensation of existing complexesproblems with personal life

I undertake to assert that most of these issues can and should be addressed starting with the physical plan! As one healer said: “In principle, you can apply your knowledge of energy and Reiki to adjust a person’s joint. At a certain level, you even succeed. But a competent massage therapist or traumatologist will be able to do this in one thoughtful movement with much less effort and time. ”

Health, self-determination, complexes and personal life are directly related to the physical condition! If you sit on the couch all day, absorbing cola with Rostik chicken, then no meditations and rituals will help you! Working with victimization is much easier through attending self-defense courses and a gym. And when you start to like yourself in the mirror, then you will believe in yourself faster than through reading the “most effective” affirmations and attending “love yourself” courses.

Finally, all the articles that are currently on the dangers of love spells – do not work! Maximum – they intimidate a person, giving rise to hope in him that this will not happen to him. Such people do not abandon the idea of ​​“freeing up some money with husband / wife”, but only typing in Google the request “white love spell” (which, as we know, does not happen). But pump up the girl’s ass, remove the salsa from her sides and she will begin to be interested in rituals of exactly the opposite direction. Her search will focus on understanding how to reduce the attention of potential husbands in relation to her person and choose the best party from those available. Because boys and girls love beautiful boys and girls, not pumped chakras. Deal with it!