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Akroyoga is a pair yoga that combines elements of yoga, acrobatics and healing art. During the session, one of the partners acts as a support, and the second moves from one pose to another practically in the air, relying only on another person. The founders of this style of yoga are Mexican Jason Nemer and American Jenny Sower-Klein. If the partners are experienced and feel good about each other, from the side of their actions they look like something incredible, as if they had attended the performance of acrobats in Cirque du Soleil.

The essence of acroogi is to be in the “moment” and in balance with another person.

There are three roles in the acroyog: the base (base), the pilot and the insurer.

The foundation is the person who has the greatest number of points of contact with the ground or floor. The main points of contact with a partner-pilot are the feet and hands. The basis is the embodiment of stability.

A pilot is that person who, in fact, flies, that is, does in the air a series of poses that smoothly transition from one to another. He is the embodiment of freedom, dynamism and balance.

The insurer is a person who monitors both partners. Its task is to ensure their safety and to catch the pilot in case of danger.

Contraindications: problems with the musculoskeletal system (joint problems) and high blood pressure.