How to develop the flexibility of your body and become slim.

While the whole world continues to admire the stunning Russian gymnasts Mamun and Kudryavtseva, we advise you not to sit still. Of course, we do not propose to mark Olympic gold, but it’s quite possible to develop flexibility, lose a couple of kilograms and stretch your body a little. Do yoga! Here are five exercises for beginners.

Stand straight, connect the feet so that the big toes and heels are in contact, the fingers stretch out on the floor.

Tighten your knees, pull the patella upwards, contract the upper thigh and tighten the back femoral muscles.

It is necessary to draw in the stomach, while pushing the chest forward. Pull the spine up and keep your neck straight.

Pay attention to the feet. Make sure that the body weight is evenly distributed between the heel and toes.