Yoga is not only a great way to improve your well-being, but also a real opportunity to form a perfect body. We offer you the top of the best video yoga lessons for weight loss from leading trainers in the world. Thanks to these programs, you can find a slim figure and learn the basics of this popular fitness area.

1. Gillian Michaels – Yoga for Weight Loss

Gillian Michaels has created a modified yoga program for weight loss, which will help you strengthen your muscles and tone the body. The course consists of two trainings: you start from an easy level and as you progress, go to the second level of difficulty. Classes combine traditional asanas and exercises from classical fitness. Both workouts last 30 minutes, you only need a gym mat to complete the program.

2. Gillian Michaels – Yoga Inferno

Gillian did not stop there and created even more serious video yoga lessons for weight loss: Yoga Inferno. This program offers not only the most effective asanas and exercises, but also a short cardio for fat burning. The course consists of two levels of training, each of which lasts 30 minutes. In the second lesson, you will additionally need one set of dumbbells to work on strengthening muscles.

3. Janet Jenkins – Power Yoga

Janet Jenkins offers classic power yoga at home, which will help you lose weight and achieve perfect forms. The training lasts 80 minutes, during which the trainer guides you through such well-known asanas such as a chair pose, a staff pose, a triangle pose, a child pose, etc. The lesson takes place at an invigorating but comfortable pace. To complete the program you will need a rug, as well as a yoga block, but it is optional.

4. Denise Austin – Yoga for weight loss

Denise Austin has released a series of yoga lessons for weight loss, so she knows a lot about it. Her training will not only improve your flexibility, but also work out problem areas: hips, buttocks, stomach, arms. Classes Denise Austin will suit both beginners and advanced. In time, her programs last about an hour, and during this time you will pay attention to the muscles of the whole body. For training you only need a gymnastic mat.

5. Yoga for weight loss program Low Impact Series

Kate Friedrich from any workout can do an effective set of exercises. If you want to lose weight, check out the Low Impact Series. It includes two classes: Yoga ax and Yoga Relax. In the first you will find a more powerful version of yoga, and in the second – more relaxed. Both classes last 50 minutes, you can alternate between them or choose the video you like most. For training you only need a floor mat.