Girl doing yoga at home

The correct execution of asanas is a rather complicated and stressful process. Apparently, this is why most beginners categorically forget about full breathing during the start of training.

Holding back a breath or exhale, you stray from the desired wave, and yoga does not bring tangible benefits. Proper breathing during exercise is even more important than a sophisticated technique.

Mistake number 2. I can do everything and I can do everything

Remember: the most important rule of yoga is a categorical prohibition of classes to the limit. Of course, you should work, not rest, but this work is to achieve complete harmony of body and spirit, and not to bring yourself to exhaustion.

Mistake No. 3. Yoga – a fashionable alternative to boring diets

If your main goal is to lose weight with the help of yoga, then it is better to choose something else. There are many alternatives in this regard. Sign up for bodyflex, water aerobics, Pilates or go to the gym.

Yoga is an ancient art based on the methods of reuniting the body and consciousness. Treating her as a sport or fitness is real blasphemy and ignorance. It is not necessary to accept the philosophy of yoga, just put in order thoughts and feelings. And then try to correctly use this chance, making an attempt to come to inner peace.

Here you will find video yoga lessons and watch online for free.

Losing weight through performing asanas is like peeling a fish on the canvases of Claude Monet so that you stay longer on our website.

Mistake No. 4. Only a fitness center, only hardcore

Today you can easily find centers that offer such conditions that you can start doing yoga at home. Quiet and comfortable atmosphere, chamber, simple equipment.

There is no time to travel to the other end of the city, but there is a desire to save money on buying a subscription? Feel free to choose your homework format. At first, you will need:

comfortable gymnastic rug-clothes in which you are as comfortable as possible.

Special devices like benches, yoga belts and support blocks come in handy much later, and in the initial stages they are completely unnecessary.