Yoga for weight loss has become fashionable a few years ago. Although the art of yoga itself is one of the oldest systems for healing a person with the help of exercises, proper nutrition and competent thinking. Yoga works with the body, and with the mind, and with the spirit. However, many people underestimate yoga for weight loss. The thing is that you can effectively lose weight with the help of yoga either by completely changing your lifestyle, or by using special training for losing weight and a healthy diet.

Yoga for weight loss: the pros and cons

Against yoga for weight loss are usually those who are looking for a faster way to burn calories. One hour yoga lesson will save a woman weighing 70 kg from about 200 kcal, while almost any other fitness for weight loss – from 300-400. However, yoga exercises do not act quite like, for example, your favorite aerobic workout. They are more aimed at stretching and strengthening muscles and, as a result, are designed to accelerate the metabolism. If we compare the speed with which the body of a non-yoga practitioner burns calories and the metabolic rate of a yoga practitioner, you can notice a difference of 30%. Accordingly, even if our practitioner eats in the same way as before, he will spend more energy at rest and lose weight. Simply put, yoga works roughly like weight training for weight loss.

But yoga has other indisputable advantages. First of all, smooth asanas perfectly calm and relieve stress. If you are used to overeating precisely because of increased psychological stress, yoga will help you get rid of this quickly enough. In addition, yoga classes improve sleep, which means that your hormonal system will also be ready for weight loss.

Very often they say and write that there are special yoga exercises for weight loss. In fact, even if you practice “ordinary” hatha yoga, the result will still be achieved. The prefixes “for weight loss” are most often used for purely advertising purposes. Well, beginners are advised to start with hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga for beginners. These two styles will give you the most important thing – the correct technique for performing asanas and the ability to breathe properly.