The condition of the spine affects the work of the whole organism. Therefore, its strengthening is the most important task of yoga. Exercises for the spine, we will devote the October fitness weekend in the suburbs.

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The spine is the flexible core of our body. It contains the spinal cord, the connecting link between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. From the point of view of yoga philosophy, the main energy channel of the body – sushumna – runs along the spine, along which the energy centers – the chakras are located. To the right of the spine is the pingala, the solar energy channel, which is responsible for the active, active principle, and to the left is ida, the lunar channel, symbolizing the intuitive principle. So the spine is not only the physical, but also the energy foundation of our body.

All asanas of hatha yoga one way or another work with the spine. During practice, you need to ensure that the spine is stretched, and to avoid distortions and overstrain. It is also necessary to work a lot with joints, do asanas to increase the mobility of the shoulders, and most importantly – the pelvis and sacrum: it is in the abdominal cavity and pelvic area that there are many vital organs for which the correct position of the spine is very important.

Wellness tour in the suburbs

I invite everyone to the fitness weekend “Yoga for Beginners: Harmonious Practice”, at which I plan to pay special attention to improving the spine. We are waiting for intensive training, combining dynamic sequences and static retention of asanas, warming articular gymnastics and pranayama for soft stretching of the spine. I will answer your questions, help build personal practice, and talk about how to avoid injuries in yoga classes. I am very happy to be able to gather a company of like-minded people and just enjoy talking!

Wellness tour “LIVE!”