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An open lesson of hatha yogis by the best trainer of Moscow December 10 at 4:30 p.m. ADMISSION FREE!


Yoga for children is an ancient science adapted to an original and exciting adventure.

Kids play with pleasure, and in the process they work on muscles, strengthen the body, strengthen joints, nervous and other systems using different types of gymnastics, massage elements, walking and running. Yoga classes for children help them develop coordination. The ability to keep balance and dexterity, the speed of reaction and braking are improved. Yoga for the youngest allows children to become more flexible, to begin to feel the rhythm. Boys and girls involved with the trainer are usually more volitional and independent. In addition, in children who go to yoga for beginners, orientation in space is better.

The lesson includes warming up, breathing exercises, exercises for balance and development of coordination, exercises with fingers on the development of connections between the hemispheres of the brain, gymnastics for the eyes, practice poses in a playful way. For children, an occupation looks like a game, a journey or an adventure in which they are ready to plunge with pleasure. Over time, subject to regular practice and your support, you will notice that your baby becomes more flexible and fit, collected, confident and calm.

Children’s yoga is a godsend for parents who want their child to adapt easily in social life and to have a beautiful and healthy body. Boys and girls who visited our club in the early years will grow up as harmoniously developed and happy people.

Interesting and useful yoga for children

YOGALATES CLUB invites parents and children to combine pleasant leisure, sports and spiritual development in the framework of a new service – yoga for children. This is a great option for parents who are engaged in yoga and want to introduce their child to this. Joint visit to our club will be a wonderful tradition for your family.