In yoga for beginners, it is important not to bend into three doom, but to align the body exactly. And yoga straps, bolsters, blankets and support blocks help in this. I will tell you how to use them.

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Beginning, remember: in any asana you should first of all maintain an even position of the body, and not demonstrate miracles of flexibility, which are not yet there. For example, in pashchimottanasana (leaning forward while sitting on the floor) it is important not only to reach your feet with your hands, but how to keep your back straight. In sarvangasan, it is dangerous to rest your chin on the chest and it is harmful to raise your elbows to the sides, and many just stand there for five minutes, believing that they have completely mastered the pose. Various yoga equipment, which is worth using not only in complex asanas, but even in shavasana, the pose of the dead man, and Sukhasana, a simple pose with crossed legs, helps to properly build the body. I decided to show you the most common mistakes in asanas and how to fix them so that you stay longer on our website.

Pashchimottanasana (folded leaf pose)

Sit with your legs straight. As you exhale, extend your arms and grab your toes. Relaxation option: lower your body and head to your knees.

Mistakes: bent back and knees, head squeezed into shoulders. Relaxation option: the neck is tense.

How to fix it: if you cannot reach your feet and keep your back and legs straight, use a yoga belt. Wrap it around your feet and hold the ends with your hands. Relaxation option: put the bolster on your knees and lower your head on it.

Gomukhasana (cow pose) for hands

Raise your left hand up, bend at the elbow and place your palm on the spine, pointing your fingers down. Bend your right hand at the elbow and place your palm outward between the shoulder blades. Put your palms together in the lock.

Errors: the elbows are directed to the sides, the back is bent, the neck is tense.

How to fix it: hold the yoga belt with both hands and leave such a distance between the palms to keep your back straight.

Supta padangustasana (capture position of the big toe lying) 1

Lie on your back, raise your right foot and arm up, grab your big toe with your right hand.