On the air of the TV channel “LIVE!” new classes in kundalini yoga appeared, their leader – Alexei Shelyakov. The course is designed for people who are just starting to be interested in Kundalini Yoga, as well as for those who want to learn its basics more deeply.

The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken a powerful internal source of energy and achieve with it an elevated state of consciousness and spirit. To raise your kundalini energy to such a level, you need to practice this type of yoga for many years. “However, noticeable results of the practice may appear after a few months of classes,” says Alexei Shelyakov, instructor of the discipline “Kundalini Yoga for Beginners.” “But only on condition that you thoroughly learn the basics.”

The foundations of kundalini yoga are mantras, meditations, and kriyas. “Mantras are words that cause vibration within the body and set our energies to practice. We sing them during meditation, ”says Alexey. – Kriyas are exercises that can affect a particular chakra or organ. They can remove energy blocks and cleanse the body. “

Each lesson begins with the chanting of mantras. After a short warm-up, the group starts to perform kriyas. On one day, the instructor can give kriyas for working out spinal energies, on another day – for cleansing the liver. “We will often make kriyas for the chakra manipura responsible for the will. This will strengthen our determination to practice Kundalini Yoga further, ”says Shelyakov. At the end of the lesson is meditation and again singing mantras.

Alexei advises each kriya to be performed daily for 40-90 days. “In my classes, you will learn how to use the kundalini yoga exercises to cleanse the body and work out some chakras. Of all the kriyas, you should choose the ones that are most suitable for you, and practice them yourself, ”he says. That is how, according to the instructor, you can achieve significant results from practice.