Yoga for beginners at home with

Yoga for beginners is a competent and safe start to practice. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, beginners learn to practice basic asanas (yoga poses) as safely as possible, taking into account individual physical abilities.

Yoga for Beginners is a class for those who want:

learn what yoga is, get acquainted with its practical side, get acquainted with the basic exercises of yoga, the peculiarity of their implementation and consistency in personal practice, understand the basic principles of relaxation and restoration of strength.

Class features

The class is balanced in such a way as to give the whole body a uniform physical activity. This practice allows, on the one hand, to improve the elasticity of the ligaments, joint mobility, and on the other hand, to strengthen the weak muscles and those muscle groups, the weakness of which is due to the modern sedentary lifestyle.

The teacher explains in detail the asanas and comments on the correctness of their performance. Each exercise is explained on its effects, anatomy and biodynamics.

The results of regular practice (at least 2 times a week):

sleep improves, fatigue and stress are relieved, tensions and pain in the back disappear, posture improves, the figure is corrected, flexibility improves and there is a feeling of lightness throughout the body – you will learn to pay attention to your bodily sensations, notice which positions are comfortable and natural, and which give an unnecessary load — your breathing becomes calmer and more even — such qualities of the mind develop as awareness, the ability to concentrate in a relaxed state, the ability to relax and regulate one’s psychoemotional state.

The level of difficulty of the class “Yoga for beginners”

The class does not require additional preparation, everyone can come to the lesson if there are no contraindications.

Also, we recommend all beginners to take the Basic Course “Yoga for Beginners” with Danil Selivanov, which is regularly held at the Om House. The course will help you create a solid foundation for building further (independent or group) competent and safe yoga practice. Follow the schedule of seminars on the site -.