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You remember these words from the revelation of John the Theologian, chapter 9. They embarrass many. After reading this article, answer the question only honestly: do you want such an “eternal” life?

Komsomolskaya Pravda ”: – So, Dmitry, one fine morning of 2045 we will wake up and hear on the radio: welcome to immortal bodies?

D. Itskov: – This will happen in stages. More precisely, it is already happening. In August, we organized a visit to Russia by Nigel Ekland, who is called the “novice cyborg” (he held his first press conference in Komsomolskaya Pravda with a huge influx of press! See below – “At this time” – Auth.) And this is only Start. A prosthesis was created in the laboratory of John Donahue in the USA, with its help a woman completely paralyzed after a stroke can bring a glass of coffee to her mouth! And it does this only with its intention, will. A special connector on the head catches the electrical signal from the brain and transmits it to the artificial hand. According to this principle, it is possible to control not only the prostheses of individual limbs, but also the avatar – that is, an artificial body, a prosthesis of the whole human body. If desired – to infinity, or true immortality.

– It is tempting! There remains one “trifle” – the brain itself to be transferred to the avatar …

– Experiments with the brain were carried out 40 years ago, and scientists were able to achieve certain successes. The American surgeon Robert White, for example, isolated the monkey’s brain and was able to keep it alive and active for three days. We will start by transplanting the head to a complete prosthesis of the body to help people paralyzed or dying from various diseases whose brain is healthy.

In Russia, the project is coordinated by Alexander Yakovlevich Kaplan, head of the brain-computer interface laboratory of the biology faculty of Moscow State University. According to our plans, the first experiment to transfer human consciousness to an artificial body can happen in 17 years. Perhaps a little later. Or maybe earlier. It all depends on investments, investments in the development of new technologies and social demand. If tomorrow, for example, they held a referendum and 90% of earthlings spoke in favor of developing avatars, I assure you, everything would have happened much faster. And so we have to spend time convincing people that these are positive technologies for their own happiness.

– But the human brain itself is not immortal, it ages, fails, dies, like a biological body.

– Therefore, the next stage, which is being worked on in parallel, is the prosthetics of the brain itself. That is, the gradual replacement of the biological brain with an artificial one, while preserving the personality and human consciousness.