Today we will tell you how to learn how to meditate properly! Meditation is a technique that everyone can master – these tips will help you master the technique of meditation at home!


I will tell you how to meditate properly. I will open all the nuances of meditation: what time to choose, how to prepare for meditation, what position to take, how to enter and exit meditation. You will begin your first practice of meditation today. Meditation is a technique for relaxing consciousness, relieving anxiety and stress, unnecessary thoughts, and the taming of “monkey consciousness”. Regular practice of meditation at home will teach you to control your consciousness, release stress, improve memory and help you become aware of existence! So, let’s begin!

Before meditation, it does not hurt to warm up physically. It can be anything – yoga, qigong, jogging, gymnastics or even dancing. It is also good to take a shower and put on cozy clean clothes. Some start special meditation clothes: like the constancy of place and time, it helps to tune in. Candles and incense help create an atmosphere. Someone likes to meditate in complete silence, someone helps quiet music for meditation – you can experiment with this. You can build a home altar on which there will be flowers, portraits of saints, objects from beautiful or holy places where you were. The main thing here is not to be formal: everything that you put on the altar should calm and set you up.


Different traditions recommend different times of the day – qigong speaks of the moment of balance of yin and yang at midnight and noon, yoga advises sunset and dawn. In general, this is not so important. The main thing is that at this time you can completely retire and no one will distract you.

A place

They say that a true master does not leave meditation in the center of the market square. But then the master, and the beginner needs ideal conditions. It is believed that it is easier to meditate, facing the east – you can check it yourself. The place, like time, should be as calm as possible. It is best to always meditate in the same place and at about the same time. Then a persistent habit arises and it will be much easier for you to immerse yourself in practice.

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Traditionally, the best position for meditation is considered to be “padmasana” (Read the material:), when both feet are looking up, but few people are comfortable sitting in this position. Both halotos and Turkish legs crossed will do. The pose should be comfortable and steady.