Yoga gives harmony

For people far from active lifestyle and sports, Iyengar Yoga is the best choice. It involves a soft development of practice and a smooth transition from the most simple in performing asanas to more complex ones as the endurance and capabilities of the body develop.

It is important that this method takes into account the physiology of the body of each individual person and pays special attention to the correct alignment of the bones of the skeleton. Teachers recommend starting with an orientation class, practicing in which practitioners will receive the necessary theoretical knowledge, learn how to use yoga props, and observe their own bodies in their first asanas. It is followed by an elementary class having a basic program. Here, students prepare their body for more complex poses, strengthen the spine and back.

The practice of Hatha Yoga should ideally begin with an orientation course consisting of several classes. Do not rush to immediately start active practice, try to absorb the valuable information that you will receive here. In the future, they will protect you from dangerous mistakes and injuries.

The teacher will open the world of yoga philosophy and tell you about its moral and ethical standards, so that practitioners engage in consciously and effectively. Then they will be offered several practical exercises, after which you can go to the Hatha Yoga class for beginners. The latter is aimed precisely at people who have very little experience or do not have it at all. Therefore, you will not feel awkward here. By the way, forget about conditions such as embarrassment and embarrassment in yoga. Focus on yourself and the advice of the instructor. Everything else should not worry you, and even more so how you look from the side. Otherwise, it is not yoga.

If Hatha Yoga seems a little boring to you, feel free to sign up for Kundalini yoga classes for beginners. They do not have a fundamental difference, both of these methods are aimed at awakening the Kundalini energy, however, this system is so powerful and effective that you can survive the awakening of this energy after a few lessons.

What is the practice of this area? It is a little more intricate: it is based on kriyas (a sequence of static and dynamic exercises, relaxation), meditation and mantra. All these elements are woven into a thin system and, thanks to this, have a pronounced beneficial effect. Kundalini yoga is ideal for you if you are an impulsive person by nature, striving for creative practice and amazing discoveries on the path to knowing yourself.