Elena Ulmasbayeva (yoga

Ulmasbaeva Elena – head of the Moscow Iyengar Yoga Center, author of books.

For the first time, Elena heard about yoga at the age of five. Elena has oriental roots, and therefore love of the East accompanies her career. In her youth, Ulmasbaeva read Indira Devi’s books and dreamed of mastering the practice of yoga. The turning point in her life was 1989, when Belur K. S. Iyengar, philosopher and world-class yoga master, paid a visit to Moscow. It is him that Elena Ulmasbayeva considers her teacher and mentor.

Since 1989, Elena devoted her life to the practice of yoga and became a real master. In 1990, she received a certificate for teaching the Iyengar method in Russia, and three years later she organized the Yoga Aeyngar Center in Moscow.

In 2007, Elena became the founder of a network of Yoga Practika yoga centers, network representatives exist in cities of Russia and Ukraine. In 2008, a series of video lessons by Elena Ulmasbayeva “Yoga for pregnant women” was released.

Currently, Elena Ulmasbayeva is a consultant to the portal on yoga practice, Eastern philosophy, on a healthy lifestyle Yoga Journal Russia, author of articles and books on yoga (“Yoga for Beginners”).