Maya Fiennes, coach

Dear beginners, this topic is for you! Here you can find a detailed description of how, what, when and how much to do if you just discovered kundalini yoga with Maya Fiennes.

Most of you choose the lessons of Maya Fiennes as your first acquaintance with Kundalini yoga, and, in particular, classes on 7 chakras with voice acting 7TV, which have long been freely available on the Internet. Unfortunately, comparing these videos with the original lessons in English, it became clear that an important part was cut out of them during processing – namely, tuning before lessons with the mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”, which is a mandatory element of classes and is in all lessons in English. “This mantra is pronounced before ALL Kundalin practitioners Yogi.Ona sets us on a gold chain of Guru, and protection. ” – these are the words of Maya herself. Therefore, please do not forget to pronounce it three times before class, as in the audio in the application, to tune in and protect yourself from the undesirable consequences of the practice! Also, after tuning with the mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” it is recommended to chant 3 times the mantra “Ad Gurey Name, Dzhugad Gurey Name, Sat Gurey Name, Siri Guru Deve Name.”