The amazing art of yoga at first seems very complicated, and only a little later – very simple. Any difficulty in yoga lies in simple truths, so the art of yoga can be practiced with almost equal results both in the hall of the fitness club and at home.

It has long been noticed that in group classes some people feel constrained, cannot properly relax and as a result do not get the proper result from training. But yoga is inherently a spiritual practice that requires the unity of the body with the mind. For this reason, sometimes homework is more productive than collective training.

Yoga at home does not differ from classes in a fitness club somehow radically. Home workouts are also able to strengthen both composure and determination, only in this case the person himself is the only incentive for exercise. It is very useful to do several meditations and asanas in the morning, before leaving the house.

Lessons are required for classes:

The room (well ventilated, better with open windows) or a playground on the street. Clothing made from light natural fabrics, not restricting movements. Classes are held exclusively on the floor: on an ordinary carpet or on a special rug for classes. The best time is dawn, before classes 3 -4 hours you can’t eat.

Yoga makes it possible to feel unity with nature, and after classes a person feels a surge of strength.

It is also important that yoga is a natural way to reduce excess weight, in contrast to fitness exercises. During and after classes, the work of all the muscles of the body is felt, although the reason for losing weight is not at all the amount of energy expended, but a gradual, thoughtful immersion in each pose. You can start yoga at home with the most simple, affordable poses.

Be sure to breathe deeply, proper breathing improves metabolism, which helps to restore health. You need to work a little every day, relax, feel your body. Soon the excess weight goes away and a burst of energy is felt.