Perfect Yoga Mat

We decided to do yoga, but don’t know which style is right for you? On the site of you can find descriptions of most of the styles of yoga that are taught in Russia and abroad. But if you find it difficult to decide on your own, then read this guide. Let’s start …

Decide what you need yoga for, and with the help of this review you can easily find the type of practice for yourself.

Yoga for beginners

For those who have not done yoga or sports, weakened or elderly people, the initial level of Iyengar Yoga is suitable here. Here you will be taught to perform asanas with detailed accuracy, and many devices will protect your back and joints from overloads.

Soft and sparing for beginners are considered the “first” classes of Brahmachari Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Tri Yoga, Vini Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Dance Yoga.

The system of Yoga 23 is distinguished by a gradual entry into practice, where first the muscles of the whole body are strengthened, and only then they begin serious stretching and twisting.

If you have health problems

All styles of yoga have a therapeutic effect, but the emphasis on yoga therapy is done in Sivananda Yoga and Satyananda Yoga. In the presence of serious diseases and injuries, in case of limb amputation, it is better to contact schools where personal programs are compiled, for example: Viktor Boyko’s Yoga School and Yoga 23.

Yoga for weight loss

Dynamic styles help to quickly lose weight: Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Jivamukti yoga and especially hot Bikram yoga (classes are held at an indoor temperature of about 40 degrees).

The dynamics and powerful load completely knock the practitioner out of everyday life. There is simply no room for disturbing thoughts. One “but”: these styles of practice are suitable for young and healthy people with a strong back

Yoga for sex

To solve sexual problems, strengthen and develop relationships in pairs, in the family, we recommend Tantra yoga with a partner or just Pair yoga. The practice of yoga helps a person become sincere, to know himself better. Opening up to a partner at this moment is especially valuable. This will help get rid of complexes, relax and learn how to enjoy sex and life in general.

To keep youth and find happiness

Kundalini yoga classes at the Bhajan Yoga School teach you to be happy, successful, rejuvenate and help get rid of bad habits.

If you have experience in yoga, this practice develops tremendous mental stamina, relieves of old grievances, fears, depression and gives great pleasure. But: in the absence of minimum willpower and the ability to calm down, classes may seem hard labor …