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The problem of overweight provokes a woman, as a rule, in two radical steps: following a strict diet and playing sports. This is with regard to the European view of the situation. The eastern point of view is fundamentally different from the western one. It involves the use of seafood, fish, vegetable delicacies and, most importantly, the use of health-improving techniques. One of those is the well-known yoga. By the way, it is very popular in our country, not to mention the countries of the Old World. However, the fact that Eastern spiritual practice is able to save a person from hated kilograms may turn out to be a real discovery for many. However, this is so.

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Yoga for weight loss: general information

Yoga belongs to the great ancient teachings of the world level. The first information about it, discovered by historians and archaeologists, is dated many millennia BC. This practice has become an independent teaching thanks to the Indian sage Patanjali. then video tutorials will help online. According to the latter, yoga is a way and means of deep knowledge of the world. It is distinguished by multidirectionality. In other words, doing yoga, it is possible to achieve a tremendous development of several life spheres and their corresponding qualities. We are talking about the mental, ethical, spiritual and physical areas of the individual. It follows from this that yoga – to a greater extent one of the tendencies of the teaching called Hatha Yoga – is very important for health.

The benefits of yoga for weight loss

What can oriental practice regarding overweight? It turns out a lot.

First of all, regular and systematic yoga classes create physical stress on the human body. Do not be confused by the apparent passivity of the exercises performed within the framework of this practice: in fact, certain parts of the body experience tremendous stress during the implementation of a specific technique. The exercises offered by yoga make all muscle groups work. As a result, a large number of calories are burned, and a person loses weight. Here everyone can watch online yoga tutorials for beginners at home