the very teachings of hatha yoga

7 basic steps will help you start moving in the right direction:

1. The first step towards a healthy diet is mindfulness in nutrition, as well as observing what is happening in your body. so that you stay longer on our website.

Awareness and desire to be with yourself, with your emotions, with your feelings, whatever they may be, is one from the first steps to starting to understand your body and, finally, to stop seizing your emotions.

Our body is created from energy, which in itself is very smart, and our body stores a huge amount of wisdom available to us at any moment. Over time, when you begin to train mindfulness, you will have the opportunity to rely on this inner wisdom when you make decisions related to work or food.

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Start each day with observation of yourself, ensuring that your attention is simultaneously present in every cell of your body. Yoga nidra or mental scanning of the whole body from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head can help you with this. Just at any moment, especially when some strong emotion is washing you, feel and try to stay with this emotion.

Usually, when you feel some kind of emotion and give yourself the opportunity to realize it, it gradually begins to subside and no longer seems so negative. With awareness, as well as with other techniques, constant practice is required for some time and a desire to feel, even if there is some kind of negative feeling.

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2. The second step is an understanding of how unique your body is, that is, an understanding of your bio-personality. It is important to slowly begin to determine what exactly works for your body and why. And also realize that what works for your girlfriend or for someone in your family will not necessarily work for you. So let go of the prejudice that some kind of diet from a book will be perfect for you.

In fact, what your body needs is dynamic. His needs are constantly changing. It depends on the weather, physical activity, your level of stress, on what tasks are required from you at the moment.