You do three days a week

Want more vigor in body and soul? But there is only 5-10 minutes to do something?

There is such a good asana (form) in yoga – CHATURANGA DANDASANA “staff pose”.

In fact, it is a pose of high emphasis, familiar to us, from school physical education classes, a level, only with hands bent to 90 degrees.

And on the basis of this very little plank you can build a complex of asanas that is not long and includes the whole body perfectly.

– Planochka with straight arms. We straighten the body in one line, tighten the buttocks, pull the knees in, lower back, pull a little up. Pull the heels back, pull the crown forward. A lightweight version is from the elbows.

– Planochka with bent arms. We stand in high emphasis with straight arms, then slowly bend your arms to an angle of 90 degrees. hands go along the body. Light version – knees are bent and stand on the floor.

– Sidebar. Lie on your side, foot over foot, the whole body is straight. We put a palm under the shoulder, and straighten the hand, we lead the pelvis up. Raise your free hand up and stretch. We look at the thumb of the upper hand. We stand, breathe. Counting the breath. Then we lower ourselves and repeat to the other side. Lightweight version – the supporting arm is bent at the elbow.

– The lath is upside down. We sit on the rug, legs straight, closed, lie in front of us. We put our hands behind the basin, fingers on ourselves. With a breath, we lift the pelvis up. Pull your toes down (do not overtighten). Lightweight option – knees bent.

The minimum time spent in each asana is 5 breaths.

If you do such a complex of asanas every day, you will be happy. Happiness will be expressed in the form of strengthened muscles of the back, abs, legs, buttocks, well-built muscle frame of the torso, well, of course, the feeling that you are cool.