Hatha yoga is a section of yoga, which is based on a set of breathing and bodily practices aimed at eliminating the internal and external “pollution” of a person. What is hatha yoga for beginners? We invite you to find out.

Helpful information

Very often the concept of “hatha yoga” is limited to the framework of asanas. In fact, this system is much more extensive and cannot be “driven” into the framework of ordinary gymnastics. Its purpose is the knowledge of man of his true nature. Hatha Yoga returns to its natural form of energy exchange. With the help of asanas, body structures (ligaments, muscles, joints) and internal organs are trained. In addition, the channels of the etheric body are cleansed. Hatha yoga, designed for beginners, is a harmoniously composed complex, including joint gymnastics, simple asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises aimed at managing life energy). At the initial stage, yoga helps to restore the mobility of the ligamentous apparatus and joints, harmoniously develop muscles. Classes teach concentration on various parts of the body, redirecting energy to certain parts of the body, regulating the rhythm of breathing, and relaxing muscles that are not involved in movement.

Sit on the floor, fold your legs into a lotus position (if you practiced earlier) or just cross. Straighten your back. Push the chest forward (“open”). Connect the thumb and forefinger (the back of the palms lies on the knees). Breathe. As you exhale, cover your eyelids. Disconnect from external stimuli, direct all attention inward, feel how your body and consciousness feel. Concentrate in the center of the abdomen and observe the functioning of the muscles involved in breathing. Then move attention to the chest, observe the process of breathing. Feel the air entering the lungs and leaving them when you exhale. Try to physically “feel” it. Move attention to the muscles of the face. Relax the eyelids, the area around the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, lips. Try not to strain your muscles.