Practicing yoga since 2010In 2016, she successfully completed a course for teachers of the Ashtanga Yoga Center.

About me: Basic education: actress, translator, English teacher.

My active acquaintance with yoga, namely with hatha yoga, took place in 2010, not at a young age, and from the first lessons I realized that my practice not only helped me maintain my body in good physical shape, but also qualitatively influence for my whole life. I was wondering how this happens and how yoga works. I began to deepen my practice by reading books, attending classes, traveling around India, Nepal, Indonesia, and participating in hatha yoga workshops. I realized that through asana and breathing there is an internal work with consciousness. Gradually, what caused the discomfort and discomfort in the body went away, and oddly enough, life situations also became less categorical, as it were, too, “let go.” My desire to learn yoga more deeply led me to the Yoga Teachers Course at AIC led by Mikhail Konstantinov . My teachers were: Mikhail Konstantinov, Natalya Yanchuk, Sergey Babkin, Sergey Agapkin and many others. Studying was a real breakthrough in knowledge and practice, and it successfully ended in the summer of 2016.

Since 2010, I have been doing hatha yoga and participated in seminars with AIC teachers Anton Samsonov, Natalia Yanchuk, Svetlana Astakhova, Olga Kuzmina. Currently, I have chosen the practice of Sri K. Pattabhi Joyce as a personal practice of Ashtang Yoga from the teacher Dmitry Baryshnikov. Understanding how difficult it is to start working with the body at an older age, I offer my help and support in classes at a moderate pace, combined Asanas for strengthening the spine, developing flexibility, strength and coordination.