Instructor of the discipline “Kundalini Yoga for Beginners” on the TV channel “LIVE!”. Teacher of cleansing and wellness practices, tantra and yoga with ten years of experience. A person who has radically changed his life by working with kundalini energy.

“I came to yoga when a crisis occurred in my life and I had to look for a way out of it,” says Alexei Shelyakov about himself. – At that time I worked as an engineer, and it did not bring any joy. There were problems with alcohol, relations in the family collapsed. ” At 32, Alexei realized that you can’t live like that anymore. “I understood that I had two roads: either down – to depression, or up – to self-development,” says Shelyakov. The first wife of Alexei, who taught kundalini yoga, persuaded him to go to his classes. Since then, Alexey has not stopped practicing.

“I felt the amazing effect of kundalini yoga from the first lesson. She captured me right away, ”says Shelyakov. – The craving for a drink disappeared, and life began to change rapidly. New friends appeared – people who also sought to know themselves. ” For two years, Alexei could not give up smoking, but with the help of the “Friction of the inner shells” technique from tantra yoga, he also coped with this problem.

After several years of study, Alexei began attending master classes by famous gurus of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra. He studied with the followers of Osho, Virgin Homa and Mukto, with the President of the Canadian University of NLP Marilyn Atkinson, received a dedication and a certificate for teaching kundalini yoga from the French teacher Singh Card. Alexey began to teach kundalini yoga at fitness centers, and for some time worked as a kundalini yoga instructor at the Marshak Clinic.

Now Shelyakov regularly holds seminars on fasting, cleansing practices and kundalini yoga. He is married for the second time, does not have a soul in his four-year-old daughter Masha and dreams of replenishment in the family. Alexey travels a lot, snowboarding in the winter, and freediving in the summer. “Kundalini yoga helped me to cultivate inner discipline and find peace of mind and stability,” says Alexei Shelyakov. “This practice is capable of much: it gives strength, allows you to get rid of negative emotions, gives pleasure and gives a feeling of happiness.”

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