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1. The day began yesterday …

In my newsletter about laziness, I shared a powerful statement: morning starts yesterday.

So, according to this rule, it’s rather difficult to concentrate in the morning: what you need, what you don’t have to do today, but it’s much easier to highlight 3 important things the night before that you will be working on during the working hours of the next day.

Here, it’s better to prepare (gather material, plan the next day, etc.), again, in the evening.

2. Easy workout

I can’t imagine how you can do strength training in the morning. In my opinion, the body has not had time to wake up yet, and here it is: push, run, box But a light physical warm-up will help you both wake up and cheer up. In combination with a shower, you will generally feel like a different person. What could it be? Easy walk in the fresh air, light stretch marks, yoga for beginners, Hermes Trismegist gymnastics. Remember the warm-ups with fizra at school.

3. Morning showers

Make it a rule to wake up with a shower. This is a great tool that you can do to make your working day perfect. Many claim that it is not useful for a person to wash every day, but if you simply rinse yourself with cool water (or resist a contrast shower), such a procedure will only improve your well-being and will quickly tone any energetic better.

4. At one time – one thing

Do not spray yourself alone on everything. That is, if you are engaged in this business – try only to do it at the allotted time. If you are tired of him, you can (and need) to switch to another matter, which, again, only deal with it, without being distracted by the sides.

The best way to get tired is to become multi-tasked, trying to do this and that in one hour. Unfortunately, it is necessary to make adjustments for human capabilities; alas, they do not favor multitasking.

In order not to become such a hopper, get a simple day planner, in which, in order of priority and priority, write down where and when you will be engaged in one or another business.

Speaking of priority …

5. Pareto law

Everyone’s favorite law. Here are just more effective people, he still did not create. I am wary of him, for he violates in many cases formal logic. (An article on the appropriateness of the Pareto law) But still, I repeat it: “20% of the efforts give 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the efforts give only 20% of the result.”