July 25 18: 30-21: 00 we invite all women to a practical seminar DISCLOSURE OF FEMALE FORCE AND ATTRACTIVENESS

Every woman wants to be beautiful, attractive, unique! .. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to feel herself as such. Due to the modern rhythm of life, there is not enough time to stop, relax and hear yourself …

What is the secret of true femininity and beauty? The combination of internal and external beauty gives rise to harmony, which so often we lack. The practices that we will perform at the seminar will allow you to uncover the internal source of female power and transform yourself externally!

With the help of special breathing exercises, self-massage, work with intimate muscles, meditations you:

relax, learn to turn off your mind and listen to your body fill with female energies and balance your emotions; gain inner harmony; improve relationships with a man / attract a man in your life; discover new facets in intimate life; truly feel like a woman

The program of the seminar:

Body-oriented practices: joint gymnastics, acupressure, dynamic exercises Emotional cleansing – Taoist practice of cleansing the main organs with healing sound and concentration of attention Working with the sacred and heart centers – in the class we sound, we do breathing exercises aimed at unlocking female strength: cleansing from negative blocks and activation of the muscles of the abdomen and intimate muscles, opening the heart Meditations aimed at grounding, filling with female energies, harmonizing men whom and female began, self-acceptance; Recommendations for independent work

Be beautiful!

An experienced trainer Olga Chugueva, a leading female practitioner, a trainer in articular gymnastics, a master in puppet therapy, will help you with pleasure.

Participants reviews can be found here:

Classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physique and level of physical fitness. Visible effect is already achieved at the seminar!

All you need is comfortable clothes: a skirt on the floor

Venue: yoga studio “Namaste” Chelyabinsk, Truda St. 64a DB Spiridonov 4th floor

Cost of participation: – 500 rubles with 100% prepayment – 600 rubles on the day of the seminar

Method of transferring funds: – to the Sberbank card 4276 8720 1721 0452 Be sure to write in SMS informing and in PM from whom the money was sent (your surname and name) and for what (seminar July 26)