Yoga Gravity in Tyumen by

We invite everyone to do yoga in Tyumen according to the Iyengar method in the PARTICOM Sports and Health Center! Hatha Yoga is the basic step on the path to rapprochement with ancient Indian culture. By studying Hatha Yoga, you will gradually, time after time, bring your body closer to perfection. Comprehensive exercises of Hatha Yoga combine everything necessary for your body to become healthy and strong. In the process of training you will learn the art of proper breathing and find the joy of life for a long time to come. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of programs: hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, yoga for beginners, yoga for children, women and pregnant women, individual yoga lessons.

The meaning of static yoga (as they call it Hatha Yoga) is to take the necessary position of the body. Everything else your body can do on its own. Doing the exercises is surprisingly enjoyable and rewarding. The effect is felt both externally and internally: excess weight goes away, posture takes on the correct shape, blood vessels and the nervous system strengthen, muscles become stronger.

For people of mental labor, Hatha Yoga is the best option. It is difficult to focus on mental activity, feeling discomfort in any area of ​​your body. Hatha Yoga will help get rid of pain, give sharpness to the mind and make attention concentrated.

Iyengar Yoga Methodology is based on the basic principle of yoga, which eliminates violence. The torture of your body is unacceptable here. It is acceptable to ask from him only what he is capable of at the moment, and not to demand the impossible. The main task of yoga is health and harmony. By making the body healthy, you smoothly begin to work on your personality.

The difference between this yoga technique in the use of additional materials: rollers, belts, chairs, etc. This is the best way to achieve a state of complete relaxation and makes yoga classes possible for any person, regardless of age and level of health.