Inside each of us is hidden knowledge that sleeps and awaits its awakening. Sahaja Yoga reveals this mystery and allows you to touch it with those who are sincere in their search and longing to know it.

Sahaja Yoga begins with the awakening of the internal energy of the Kundalini and, on the basis of this experience, a person receives an integral and universal system of knowledge about his energy structure.

Thanks to this knowledge and the practice of meditation, you will begin to understand the causes of your inner problems that underlie life dissatisfaction.

Sahaja Yoga allows you to openly look at yourself and provides a large number of methods to correct and resolve these problems.

Sahaja Yoga methods are extremely practical, using them you will balance your inner state, fill your life with joy and harmony.

-TIME: Every Saturday from 13.00 to 15.30 (If you have a different time, then check the time zone settings)

VENUE: Kashtak, Karl Ilmer St. 15/1, Building 1. (building of TSPU No. 9, Institute of Arts and Culture), aud. 12, ground floor.