Yoga: where to start

The question of the effectiveness of yoga for weight loss is relevant for many – and for those who are going to go to their first practice, and for those who are already doing yoga or some other type of physical activity. But a rare instructor will give an unambiguous answer to this question, because the influence of yoga on the body depends not only on the perfect performance of asanas, but also on many other factors – the right direction, nutrition, instructor, breathing exercises and so on.

Irina Nelson, a professional teacher of kundalini yoga, told what yoga is, how it should be treated and what needs to be taken into account when organizing her classes.

Milich Maya, Can Yoga Help Lose Weight?

Irina Nelson: Yes, of course. But before you choose this particular method of solving problems with excess weight, it is worth understanding what yoga is. Yoga is a system of self-knowledge. Types of yoga a huge amount. If you want to lose weight with the help of yoga, then know that the causes of excess weight concern not only the physical body, they can be embedded deep in the subconscious, or, as the yogis say, in subtle bodies. These include: the emotional body, the mental and several others. The cause of the disease sometimes appears long before its physical manifestation. Psychologists often say that overweight is a subconscious fear, a desire to isolate oneself from the world. And in this case, yoga can change the vision of our world, daily habits, and you will be surprised how your body will change.